Blog Posts

Whether you're a banker, a baker, a fashion designer or a teacher, as long as you have an idea you're trying to sell to someone else, you need to market yourself. In this cyber-dominated world, blogs have become necessary marketing tools to market ourselves. As a freelance writer you can hire me to write brilliant blog posts tailored to appeal to your target audience and hence drive traffic to your blog.



One of the cheapest and fastest ways to sell yourself, promote your business and reach a large number of your target audience is by periodically sending them email newsletters that advertise your products and services to them. As a freelance writer, you can hire me to write newsletters with engaging content that will build and maintain trustworthy relationships between you and your clients.



I have 18 years of experience in screenplay writing for feature films, mini-features, TV series in various genres such as drama, romance, thriller, sitcom, science fiction, horror and documentary as well as writing scripts for TV shows. Hire me to write you one of the best scripts you've ever read.



Whether you’re too busy to write or you simply don’t have enough writing skills to come up with a captivating script, as a professional freelance writer I can write great scripts for you as a ghostwriter where you take credit for the write-up